Student Engagement & Learning Framework

Our vision is to be an inclusive, connected and flourishing community. This vision is supported by our unique Student and Engagement Learning Framework (SELF). The SELF framework incorporates the work of visionaries such as Professor Abraham Maslow and the father of Positive Psychology, Doctor Martin Seligman.


Maslow developed a hierarchical pyramid which illustrates the essentials we all need to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Self-actualisation sits at the tip of the pyramid and represents each person’s journey toward creating their true self.  This is the person who you wish to be.

The SELF framework has the true self at the heart of its structure and is illustrated through an interactive sunburst graph (above). Surrounding the true self are the approaches our school offers to enable students on this journey. The three keystones of academic, social and emotional learning feature options to enhance the growth of each student as they follow their path into the future.


The Academic, Social and Emotional Keystones are separated into three layers. The inner layer shows the universal strategies. These are options all students are provided with as a regular feature of attending school. The middle layer is designed for students who seek a more tailored program. They may wish to access these supports in one or all of the three keystones. The outer layer offers individualised supports for students who need more intensive support in their journey to become their best selves.



The SELF Framework also incorporates our school values of Aspiration, Kindness and Respect and embeds Dr Martin Seligman’s PERMA model. Our model includes Health as a sixth option to include current scientific research.



The interactive sunburst graph can be edited to create an individual sunburst learning profile for any student, reflecting all of the options they can access, within one image. It provides a tool that can be used by students, parents, carers and educators together to assist and support students in their personal journeys.


Assessment Tools

Assessment by Presentation

Assessment Cycles

ABLES (Ability Based Learning and Education Support)

Developmental Rubrics

Diagnostic Assessment Tools in English

English Online Interview

Essential Assessment

Fountas and Pinnell

Fractions and Decimals Online Interview

Mathematics Online Interview

On Demand Testing

Oxford 400 Word List

Running Records

Specialist Assessment Schedule

The Supplementary Numeracy Interview

VCAL and Applied Learning (APL) Assessment

Berry Street Education Model



Careers and Tertiary Study Options

Instructional Learning Tools

Six Plus One Traits of Writing


Teach Like a Champion

Workshop Model

FISO Improvement Model

FISO Resources


Pedagogical Model 

Practice Principles 


Learning Specialists

Lesson Plans

Berry Street Lesson Plan 

MEC Lesson Plan 


Literacy Coaches

MEC Expectations 

Curriculum Documents P-6 

Curriculum Documents 7-12

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Learning Mantras

Specialist Setting Curriculum Overview

Specialist Reading and Writing Procedure and Processes

Specialist Staff Expectations

Parent and Carer Collaboration

Information Evenings


Year 7

Year 12 VCE, VET , VCAL

Collaborative Practice

Parent Opinion Survey

Parent Teacher Interviews

Start-up Interviews

Student Reports

Professional Learning

Bastow PL and Resources

Professional Learning Communities

Targeted Professional Learning

Scholarship and Awards



Bring Your Own Device Program

Girls in Physics Breakfast


Online Tutorials

Inschool Tutorials

VCE, VET, VCAL Options

External VET Courses

Higher Education Courses in VCE 

VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook

VCE and VCAL Special Provision Support

Schools University Partnerships Program

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

Victorian Virtual Learning Network


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Social Universal               Social Tailored                   Social Individualised

Emotional Universal       Emotional Tailored          Emotional Individualised