Student Services Team

Maryborough Education Centre has a dedicated team of health professionals working together to support student health and wellbeing. This team is comprised of individual Wellbeing Officers in Years Prep-6, 7-12 and the Specialist Setting. Through the Doctors in Schools program our 7-12 students are fortunate to have access to a General Practitioner and a Nurse Practitioner who work from a purpose -built consulting space. The team is enhanced by our Mental Health Practitioner who brings expertise in adolescent mental health, and a school nurse who takes a focus on health promotion. Our students’ wellbeing is a priority, and we have a team that can support all aspects of a student’s physical and emotional health. Students have access to trained counsellors who have the experience and knowledge to ensure appropriate referrals are made in complex situations.

Elana Stoklahsa

Student Services Manager and Prep- Six Welfare Officer

Monday – Friday

Our P-6 Wellbeing Officer Elana, works around Values and Living Skills on a weekly basis. She also assists all students on an individual basis with any wellbeing, safety or inclusion issues within our school. In addition Elana is there to support families and Staff if needed.

Jessica Burbidge

Specialist Wellbeing

Monday – Friday

Our Specialist Wellbeing Counsellor Jessica, helps us to provide a nurturing and fun environment where every child is heard and celebrated.

Jessica Malham

7-12 Wellbeing Coordinator

Monday – Friday

Jessica is available to work with and counsel students who are experiencing specific problems of an important nature. Such problems may include family concerns, financial issues, sadness, relationships with other students or teachers or any other difficulties, which are important to the student. Jessica has the knowledge and experience to be able to deal with the matter or refer to other agencies which support families and young people. The importance of counselling is to assist students to work through their issues and concerns and to seek solutions.

Jeanette Palmer

Family Liaison and Attendance

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Jeanette liaises with families of disengaged and non-attending students to support them in reintegrating back into the school community.


Fiona Phelan

School Nurse

Thursday and Friday

Fiona's key role within the school is to support students, staff and the wider community in areas related to Primary Health Care promotion and education.