P-6 Wellbeing

Ready to Learn

Each day begins with Ready to Learn which promotes student agency and self-regulation. If students are not ready to learn they will have a student services member to consult with and address how they’re feeling in preparation for them to start their day positively.

Social and Emotional Literacy

Social and Emotional Literacy (SEL) lessons take place every day in years P-6. During these sessions, students participate in a range of fun and collaborative wellbeing activities, while being explicitly taught the school values of Aspiration, Kindness and Respect.

Berry Street

Staff members at MEC have been involved in the Berry Street Educational Model training. This training highlights the importance of developing trust in order for student and teacher relationships to be effective and mutual. The four pillars of the program are:

Body- Identifying how stress impacts a students’ day and their readiness to learn, which is why we have programs such as Ready to Learn.

Stamina– Ensuring that students are in a positive state of mind and the encouragement of a growth mindset when approaching new or challenging tasks.

Character– Understanding that we all have different character traits and we are all unique in our own way.

Engagement– Creating a community between students, teachers and parents where we can establish a positive climate for learning.

Nurture Group Program

We run a Nurture Group Program to cater for students who need extra support with their social and emotional wellbeing. Within our Nurture Group Program, we assess learning, social and emotional needs and give students the necessary help to remove the barriers to learning. There is great emphasis on language development and communication. Within the Nurture Group Program students develop close relationships with staff who are always nurturing and supportive and who provide a role model for the children to observe and copy. We have a dedicated space for the Nurture Group Program to run and this space provides a range of re-engagement activities to assist students in reaching a positive mindset so that they can have a great day at school.

Student Services

We have a social worker who is available to work with and support students.  For further information check out the Student Services information here.