Our Vision:

For MEC to be an inclusive, connected and flourishing learning community.

Maryborough Education Centre (MEC) is a school where the children and the youth of this community can learn and grow in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment, where everyone is on a strong learning journey and where positive and supportive relationships form the basis of all our work. We consistently empower students to set high aspirations. Students are supported in following their interests and passions through multiple pathways that will successfully lead to positive outcomes in further education, training or employment. The school has a key role in supporting and working with the wider community.

Our Values:


  • Set ambitious goals, dream big and believe in our ability to grow
  • Strive for excellence and plan to achieve our best, while being happy with who we are
  • Be courageous by stepping outside our comfort zone to embrace challenges and learn from our mistakes
  • Seek out positive role models
  • Believe in others and encourage them to excel
  • Activate our curiosity and work to make the world a better place
  • Aim to be good people, good friends and good community members

  • Include others by being open and friendly while being generous with our time
  • Treat everyone with fairness and dignity and show courtesy and manners
  • Interact with understanding, consideration and care
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Understand the strength of compassion and consciously act with empathy and forgiveness
  • Be mindful and allow others the opportunity to learn at all times
  • Welcome newcomers and visitors
  • Value and celebrate diversity and promote inclusion

  • Listen with an open mind and encourage all to have a voice
  • Know and follow the school rules and expectations
  • Show pride, belief and optimism in ourselves and our school
  • Appreciate what we have and look after our equipment
  • Treat the environment with care for the future acknowledging our role as global citizens
  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of others
  • Support and protect the right of others to learn