Specialist – Teaching & Learning

The MEC Student Engagement and Learning Framework outlines the keystones that secures academic, social and emotional learning for all students. Drawn from the work of Martin Seligman the framework embraces the whole child and supports them in their journey in realising their true self. The academic, social and emotional keystones are supported by the domains of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and health. The keystones are sustained by our MEC School values of Aspiration, Kindness and Respect. At MEC we believe all students can and want to learn.
The Specialist Setting pedagogy is drawn from the MEC Student Learning Framework. Our teaching and learning is centered around the Victorian Curriculum Levels A to 10 across all subjects and domains within. Students also have an opportunity to take part in life-skills, home economics, swimming, music, hydrotherapy, gardening, art, bike- riding, horse riding and morning sensory motor programs. Later years students are offered Specialist VCE VM and VET classes.
Every child who is funded through the Program for Students with a Disability will have an IEP that is updated regularly. Each IEP will include a Student Profile, information from individual teachers, educational adjustments and three S.M.A.R.T. Goals. IEPs will be reviewed in a Student Support Group meeting once a term.
SSGs consist of a support network including parents, teachers and therapists who will share information and review each child's Individual Education Plan. This is a good opportunity to discuss the future story for each child and implement changes that will assist each child in obtaining their goals.