Digital Technologies

Maryborough Education Centre aims to broaden students digital skills to best prepare them for the ever changing needs of the 21st Century.  We focus upon teaching students to use the right tool for the right purpose. In many cases this means writing with a pen or cutting a piece of wood with a handsaw. Conversely, it may be about using a stylus to paint a three dimensional model or a laser cutter to precisely cut an intricate pattern into wood.

Often for complex collaborative tasks it means manipulating specialist software via a laptop. Co-authoring and editing the same project in real time with their peers. MEC predominantly leverages upon industry standard software such as Microsoft 365 and Adobe.

Essential to learning how to best use any tool is also learning about the possible risks associated with using the tool inappropriately. MEC promotes positive and appropriate usage of digital media via our Digital Values, Acceptable Usage Agreements and Mobile Phone policies.