First Aid

First Aid

The school has a First Aid station managed by qualified staff, which is used for the treatment of minor injury or illness.  Where a student has a more serious illness or injury the following actions are taken:

  • If the injury or illness is more serious (non-urgent), then staff at the school will contact the parent/carer or emergency contact who is requested to come to the school and take the student home or seek medical advice.
  • If the injury or illness requires medical attention, the parent/carer is contacted to transport the student to seek medical assistance. In the event a parent/carer cannot be contacted, two staff members may take the student by car to seek medical attention.
  • In the case of serious illness/injury, where it is deemed to be appropriate, students will be taken by ambulance to the Maryborough District Health Service.  The parents/carers are given first option to accompany the student. If the parent/carer is unable to accompany the student, a staff member may do so.

The cost of medical care and transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of each student.  The school strongly recommends that each student has an Ambulance Victoria Membership. The cost of the ambulance service, if a student is at the school or on an excursion or camp, is the responsibility of parents/guardians.

Students who require medication during the school day should ensure that the medications are handed in to the General Office to be signed in with dosage amount and time to be taken.

Medication Authority Form

Pain relievers such as paracetamol or aspirin cannot be given to students without the permission of a parent/carer.

It is important that families keep emergency contact details current.

If you change your mobile phone number or wish to change any other details please contact the General Office.

Parents/Guardians are requested to keep Asthma, Epilepsy and Anaphylaxis Management Plans updated as per department policy and  provide a copy to the school.