Music and Theatre

Instrumental Music Program

MEC’s Instrumental Music Program is open to all students. Lessons are tailored to students’ individual needs and interests, with regular performance opportunities throughout the year. Students will build skills in healthy technique, creativity, teamwork skills, courage, patience, and self-expression. Students may apply to learn:

  1. Piano
  2. Violin
  3. Viola
  4. Cello
  5. Guitar
  6. Voice

MEC also offers a range of music ensembles, open to all students. Groups include:

  1. Years P–2 Singing
  2. Years 3–6 Choir
  3. Years 7–12 Choir
  4. Guitar groups
  5. Specialist Drumming
  6. Primary Strings
  7. Senior Strings

To register your interest in MEC’s Instrumental Music Program please fill out this form.

Theatre Productions

Productions (P-6, 7-12 and Specialist) at Maryborough Education Centre continue to build on the successful Performing Arts culture. Every year major musical theatre productions are produced, bringing together all students from across the school. This is in addition to singing groups, MEC Idol competitions, a strong instrumental music program and drama performances.