Energy Breakthrough

Maryborough Education Centre has participated in the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough since its inception in 1991.

Over the years our students, in partnership with our school community have designed, built and tested numerous trikes and pushcarts, allowing them to explore the latest technology while considering the impact of transport on the environment. The designing of these trikes assists students to gain valuable skills which could determine their future career paths in design and engineering.



Learning the value of teamwork is vital for all students and participating in this event highlights the significance and importance of this.  Participation in the event assists students to build on their respectful relationships skills, meet and communicate with students from numerous towns and cities throughout Victoria and interstate.

We are currently working with a local engineer and also a former student to design and develop a new trike. The engineer is working closely with students who have previously had experience in developing a trike that can withstand the rigors of the Energy Breakthrough race for many years to come.






The school is currently involved in the process of seeking approval to construct a multi purpose fitness track within the school boundaries which will allow students to train in the safety of the school grounds. The track will also provide great benefits to our students and staff all year round.

Our school’s involvement in this event is in alliance with the many other diverse opportunities available to students at MEC.