Technology at MEC encompasses a wide range of areas, from Food, Wood, Textiles, Metalwork, Automotive and Engineering to Salon Assistant. Beginning in Year 7&8, students have the availability to experience Technology subject areas at MEC before specialising in pathways from year 9.

Subject areas we usually provide are:


  • Woodwork 7&8, 9&10
  • Food Studies 7&8, 9&10
  • Metalwork 7&8, 9&10
  • Textiles 7&8, 9&10
  • Food & Beverage 9&10
  • Automotive 9&10
  • VCE Food Studies
  • VETiS Engineering
  • VETiS Salon Assistant
  • VETiS Hospitality Kitchen Operations
  • VETiS Automotive
  • VETiS Building & Construction


We provide a high quality sequential and comprehensive curriculum, offered in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Technology at MEC focuses on developing skills and enthusiasm that empowers students to believe they can undertake and achieve lifelong pursuit in the variously related Technology fields, from Food and Hospitality work to Engineering and Construction.