Prep to 6 Mathematics


In Prep to 6, curiosity is fostered from Prep where essential mathematical learning skills are developed. The daily dedicated teaching time for Mathematics is one hour. The curriculum is designed using the Victorian Curriculum learning progression statements and taught in a logical order based on student learning data and teacher judgment. Lessons focus on higher order thinking skills in Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics, providing students with the skills to apply knowledge in real life situations.

Teachers regularly use a range of assessments through our different platforms such as our online platform called ‘Essential Assessment’, which is used to track student results and ensure consistent improvement.

Students use online programs such as Mathletics which allow for differentiation using an engaging gamification style of learning that can also be accessed from home.

Lessons provide students with essential knowledge that will prepare them to be life-long learners of mathematics and  provide them with the skills required for further study in the discipline. They are supported to develop an understanding and appreciation of mathematics and the impact of mathematics in history and are encourage to be resilient and learn from mistakes.

We have an extensive range of learning support resources and primary students have access to secondary setting resources through our well networked teaching staff and this assists with acceleration of learning.


Specialist Mathematics

The Specialist Setting Mathematics curriculum aims to ensure that students develop useful mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, work and as active members of society. Number, place value, financial mathematics, measurement and probability are taught using a variety of method that includes sensory processes, music and technology. Lessons are differentiated to meet each students’ level of understanding.


Year 7 to 12 Mathematics

calculator At MEC our teachers provide year 7-12 students with the mathematical knowledge and skills to help with their life long journey of learning and their career aspirations. Mathematics is an integral component towards all subjects offered at the school, and is an important skill for life after school. We offer a diversity of mathematics subjects in later years that caters for a student’s career aspirations.

As students progress through the year levels, there is a greater emphasis on applying the skills and knowledge of mathematics within a practical context with the aid of technology. Depending on a student’s desired career pathway, they can choose to extend their mathematical skills for vocations that have a high emphasis on mathematics or to those jobs that require mathematics to be employed within daily practical life circumstances.

Regardless of a student’s pathway, MEC offers the mathematics subjects to equip them with the necessary skills for the future.


Careers and Pathway Resources