School Nurse

The key role of the secondary school nurse is to support health promotion and primary prevention in secondary schools.  Through identifying and building on existing school initiatives and providing appropriate preventative health care, secondary school nurses assist schools to better support the health and wellbeing needs of their students.

The role encompasses:
  • health promotion and primary prevention
  • school community development activities
  • small group work focussing on health related discussion and information
  • individual student health counselling
  • advice and referral to assist young people in making healthy life style choices
Secondary school nurses are involved at various levels in the school, with their involvement dependent on the needs of the school. Nurses are typically part of a school’s student wellbeing team, working collaboratively to address student health and wellbeing issues.  Secondary school nurses may be involved in supporting the development of health related curriculum and policy, the delivery of health education in partnership with teachers, providing input in to school planning processes, and the delivery of individual and group programs for students.