Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Prep – 6

The Prep-6 curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every student while ensuring that the key elements of Literacy and Numeracy remain the focus of learning.

Our goal is to provide each student with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to embrace lifelong learning. The curriculum is designed to allow students to become: Inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers. We want our students to be knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, balanced and reflective.

Inquiry topics focus broadly on:

  • Who We Are
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • How We Organise Ourselves
  • How the World Works
  • Sharing the Planet

Performing arts occurs in our music room, visual arts in our beautiful art space and health and physical education on our oval or in the small gymnasium. All subjects whether they are traditionally thought of as academic or creative help students make connections between their own experiences and new knowledge.

Student progress is communicated through informal and formal meetings, student-led conferences and parent/teacher interviews. We value our parent teacher partnerships.

Middle Years – Years 7 – 9

Like the other sub schools across the Centre, the Middle Years (Years7 – 9) believe that authentic and trusting relationships sit at the heart of effective teaching and learning. To enable these relationships to flourish the curriculum is delivered to each form by a small team of teachers who plan the curriculum together and then assess the student work collaboratively. The curriculum is divided into the 8 Key Learning Areas as set out by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority; these are English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Technology and Languages. Students also participate in a daily values session, which is 20 minute session each morning delivered by the Home Group Teacher that focuses on social skills and our Centre Values of Respect, Inclusion, Safety, Consistency, Achievement and Enjoyment. Like the Key Learning Area curriculum, the Values lessons are planned by groups of teachers and this ensures consistency in the delivery of quality material to all our students.

It is understood by all members of the Middle Years Teaching Team that student ability and interest levels vary and to this end all staff are trained to deliver a differentiated program that caters for the needs of all students. Students who may be struggling in certain aspects of the mainstream program are identified and teachers then plan to deliver work that is designed to be at the level that is ?just right.? Students at the top end are provided with individualised work that extends their ability and widens their interest area.

Subject choice is limited in Years 7 and 8 with students spending most of the school week with their form group. In Year 9, students are offered choice in the Art, Technology and Languages areas. This is done through a broad elective program that is determined by student choice. The Journeys? Program is an in depth study is for 4 consecutive periods on Fridays. This popular and rigorous program sees students elect into a subject based on an area of interest to the student. Parent contact is always welcome in the Middle Years as learning is seen as a partnership between home, school and the student. The year starts off with a Start Up Interview where the new Home Group Teacher and the parents and student get together to set out expectations and share any important information about the students particular learning needs. Parents are invited in for two more parent teacher interviews at the beginning of Term 2 and the end of term 3 which is accompanied by an Interim Report. Full semester reports are given to parents at the end of terms 2 and 4. Parents are welcome to contact their child’s Home Group Teacher or Year Level Co-ordinator anytime they have a concern or question.

Later Years – Years 10 – 12

Maryborough Education Centre provides comprehensive and inclusive Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Vocational Education and Training and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) programs. The Centre is at the forefront in the development of Vocational Education Programs (VET) in VCE and VCAL as well as Apprenticeship Programs that allow students to complete their post-compulsory education whilst undertaking part-time traineeship or apprenticeship programs.

Maryborough Education Centre students can be confident in achieving access to the course of their choice to meet their individual needs.  Programs are primarily driven by student choice.  The Centre offers a comprehensive two-year program of study in VCE, VET and VCAL.  Year 10 students also have access to Unit 1 & 2 VCE studies and Vocational Education & Training units (VET). Year 11 students are able to study a Unit 3/4 study in their first year to enhance their VCE and future pathway options. VCAL is an important course that enables our students to undertake a program that caters for their specific learning needs with a focus on applied, ?hands-on? learning.  Regardless of the program students elect to undertake in the Later Years, we seek to create a culture of high achievement, responsibility and integrity. At all times students should seek to achieve to their personal best.

The Centre continues to offer, in the Later Years, resources such as the Internet, computers, library and specialised teaching areas to cater for all students.  Teachers are experienced and experts in their fields, with excellence and personal achievement encouraged in all areas. Private Study and the Tutorial Programs are also provided to our senior students to maximise their opportunity for success. A Values Education program seeks to provide students with an additional element of support and pastoral care.


The Specialist Setting pedagogy is based the MEC Student Learning Framework which outlines keystones that secure academic, social and emotional learning for all students. The keystones are supported by the domains of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and health and are sustained by our MEC School values of Aspiration, Kindness and Respect. At MEC we believe all students can and want to learn.

The Specialist curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum Levels A to 10 in English, mathematics, humanities and science. Students also have an opportunity to take part in life-skills, home economics, swimming, music, hydrotherapy, gardening, art, bike- riding, riding develops abilities and a sensory motor program. Later years students are offered Specialist VCAL and VET classes.