Specialist FAQ

Q. MEC is Prep to Twelve and Specialist school. How will I know my child will be cared for?

A. MEC provides a number of discreet learning environments known as ‘pods’ on a spacious site with state-of-the-art facilities. Each child is cared for by a small group of dedicated staff who are trained to cater for students individual learning and personal capabilities. Students in all Specialist classes can transition in and out of the Specialist Setting classrooms and playgrounds as best suit their needs.


Q. Is there much interaction between the Specialist students, Years Seven to Twelve students and the Prep students?

A. The Years Seven to Twelve students learn and play in a separate area of the school. They are fortunate to share their learning experiences with Specialist students and enjoy the opportunity to participate as positive role models. Some examples include Sports Journey students assisting with the Specialist Olympic Games and VCAL students building a chicken coop for our Silky chickens.


Q. Will my child be able to go to the canteen for lunch?

A. Yes, senior students in the Specialist Setting are able to collect their lunch from the canteen and are supervised where necessary. Junior students may order their lunches and collect them with support from a familiar staff member.

In addition to this, we have a breakfast program operating three days a week that caters for students throughout the whole school. There are healthy options available for students to choose from. If a student happens to forget their lunch, we are also able to provide them with food for the day.


Q. What if my child needs an adult in the playground?

A. There are always four to six teachers on yard duty in the Specialist area and First Aid staff if your child needs greater level of care.


Q. Does MEC Specialist offer careers counselling?

A. Yes. We have our own Careers and Wellbeing Counsellor who supports students in gaining work experience as part of their VCAL program. In addition to this we have a whole school careers hub that features a Careers and a Head-start Officer who assist students in their future pathway planning.


Q Is transport available?

A. Yes, students are able to catch mainstream or town bus services. In addition to this we have two specialist school buses that drop off and pick up students from surrounding areas.