Digital Learning

At Maryborough Education Centre, we are collectively aiming to for our students to become savvy and considerate users users of technology. Aiming to give students the confidence to try new skills and keep up to date with the frequently evolving array of technology available in society. Digital technology use is integrated across all subject areas and year levels at MEC.

As part of learning about new and upcoming technological tools and trends we seek to teach students about to be aware of risks and social expectations to enable students to be responsible and active digital citizens.

Learning to become competent user digital technologies in now and into the future means learning to navigate collaboratively shared documents stored within the cloud. At MEC, all staff are progressively improving their ability to use Office 365 alongside that of the students in order to keep up to date.

By the time students at Maryborough Education Centre have completed Year 12 they will have practiced using the same digital skills required to navigate virtual learning platforms utilised by tertiary education providers and industry.