Fundraising Policy

May 2021


To provide parents/carers and other members of our school community with an overview of Maryborough Education Centre’s (MEC’s) approach to fundraising.


Fundraising is designed to supplement the income of the school in order to support the purchase of resources and to subsidise a range of student activities.  It also gives parents and community members the opportunity to participate in the life of the school in a meaningful way.  Through fundraising, students develop social awareness and it gives the school the opportunity to support significant charities.

School staff, members of the school community and the Parents’ & Friends Association undertake fundraising activities for MEC.

MEC encourages all members of our school community to be involved in fundraising initiatives and school council welcomes all proposals for fundraising.

Fundraising is a function of the school council and council must approve all fundraising events or activities on behalf of our school.

At the beginning of each school year, the school council will approve any fundraising events or activities for the upcoming year, including the amounts of the change floats required. If it is necessary during the year, the school council may approve additional fundraising events or activities.

In deciding whether or not to approve particular fundraising events or activities, the school council will act in accordance with legal requirements, any relevant Department of Education and Training policy or guideline, and the Department’s Finance Manual for Victorian Government Schools.

All money raised through fundraising, unless legally otherwise provided for, will be held on trust by the school council for the general or particular purpose for which it was raised.

fundraising for charitable causes

MEC, through the school council, may also decide to fundraise for charitable causes. In deciding whether or not to fundraise for a particular charitable cause, school council may:

  • Consider whether the methods used to raise funds for any specific charitable appeal are appropriate
  • Seek written advice from organisations promoting fundraising activities on the percentage of funds raised that are directed to the named charity


All fundraising activities need to:

  • Be coordinated across the school and approved by the Principal or their nominee. This includes internal and external fund raising
  • Reflect DET policy in relation to School Council not being authorised to approve any fundraising activities where the student/parent payments are made directly to companies. All monies in relation to fundraising must be paid to the school and then the school complete the ordering and payment on behalf of the participants to an authorised and approved fundraising company/business
  • Reflect the school values and be consistent with other MEC and Department of Education and Training (DET) policies. Chocolate and confectionery fundraisers are not permitted (internal and external) due to the requirements of the Food Services Policy. Note: the only exception to this is the annual Parent and Friends Association Easter or Christmas raffle where chocolates may be included in the prize/s.
  • Provide applications for fundraising and these are to be lodged with the fund raising coordinator in a timely manner
  • Be supervised by a staff member who is responsible for the proposed activity
  • Be subject to due diligence by the coordinator of the activity. This includes financial viability, insurance, statutory permits, permissions and safety
  • Meet current, relevant legislative requirements and guidelines. Raffles and similar activities must follow the instruction and permission of the Raffles and Bingo Board.
  • Maximise student and parental involvement in the wider activities of the school to build a positive school culture
  • Develop a community commitment to the school and reflect the schools commitment to the community
  • MEC will actively support particular charities and as such it is preferred that at least two fundraisers are coordinated by the Student Voice Group each year for the Royal Children’s Hospital (Good Friday Appeal Term 1) and State School’s Relief (SSR) due to the support provided by SSR to MEC students and families
  • Improve the physical environment and supply additional learning resources within the school
  • Provide opportunities for all students to participate and contribute to school activities
  • Increase equity for students that will allow wider participation in school events
  • Clarify the fund raising responsibilities, organisation, calendar and targeted activities
  • Coordinate, through the development of a fund raising calendar, the nature and timing of activities, ensuring the demands on the school and the community are balanced. This is critical to the success of fund raising.
  • Ensure that approaches to the community and supporting organisations are carried out in a professional and consistent manner.

Please note:

  • All major fund raisers will need to be evaluated on their merits and approved by school council.
  • All Out of Uniform days for MEC will be coordinated through the Student Voice Group and approved by School Council at their March meeting to ensure all approvals will be prior to the event being organised and held.

Supporting information/documents:

  • Fundraising application process is online and includes the procedure
  • The fundraising checklist

further information and resources

Review period

This policy was last updated on Wednesday 26th May, 2021 and is scheduled for review as part of the school’s 3 year review cycle.

This policy was last ratified by School Council on Wednesday 26th May, 2021.