Energy Breakthrough Policy

October 2021


Through our involvement in the Energy Breakthrough we seek to:

  • Provide an environment where students learn about healthy living, sustainability and the importance of energy efficiency
  • Develop students’ fitness and endurance
  • Provide an opportunity to develop the teamwork and leadership skills of our students
  • Give parents/carers and supporters of the school the opportunity to be involved in school wide program
  • Develop the brand of MEC as a high performing and successful school
  • Ensure that our Gender Equality Policy is implemented through an extra-curricular program
  • Access the Trade Skills Centre and the expertise of the teachers to give our students the chance to learn in a ‘real life’ situation
  • Provide an opportunity for:
    • staff and students to work and learn together in a cooperative environment
    • the school and community groups to work together.


A school-wide Energy Breakthrough Coordinator will be appointed to manage MEC involvement in the selected events each year as part of the annual Leadership and Responsibility appointment process.

Team managers for each Hybrid and Human Powered Vehicle will be appointed as part of the annual Leadership and Responsibility appointment process.  Staff who lead other aspects of the Energy Breakthrough will be decided through a consultative process and then approved by the Local Consultative Committee.

An Administrative Assistant will be appointed to support the EBT Coordinator to seek sponsorship, organise fund raising and with other clerical tasks as requested by the EBT Coordinator.

We will seek to maximise student involvement and uphold the MEC Gender Equality Policy.

A consistent process will be implemented across the school in relation to student selection for HPV and Hybrid teams. This will involve a written application, a fitness test and time trial as required.

All students will be required to submit an expression of interest for involvement in all other aspects of the EBT

Unsatisfactory behaviour or poor work ethic may result in exclusion from EBT and must be written into that student’s behaviour support plan and communicated with families prior to the student being excluded.  Any exclusion must be approved by the principal.

All student selections must be approved by the principal.

All selected riders will have an opportunity to participate as a rider in the trial. The order of riders and the length of rides in the HPV and Hybrid categories will be determined by the team manager. Parents/carers will be advised in advance that there may be unequal time spent by riders in the vehicle. Practice sessions are to only occur when the necessary safety precautions have been put in place. Training cannot occur on weekdays or evenings on the Balaclava Rd circuit.  Training is not permitted on Gladstone Street at any time.  All other training circuits must be approved by the principal.

Team managers are required to submit a training schedule to the EBT Coordinator prior to the first training session

Entries will be submitted online each March by the EBT Coordinator, after the team structure has been approved by the school’s executive group.

There will be parent/carer information session/s held prior to the event.

All parents/carers and community members involved in the program and who are directly interacting with students need to have a valid volunteer Working with Children’s Check.

Team managers can seek individual team sponsorship. All sponsors need to be approved by the principal.

All teams will wear the MEC approved EBT uniform.

A generic shirt and hat/cap will be made available to school wide supporters.

All fundraising ventures need to be approved by the executive team as per the MEC Fundraising Policy. There will be a number of whole school fund raising events and each team is permitted to undertake additional fund-raising activities for their team as approved by the principal.

Involvement in other HPV events will be determined by team managers and approved through the usual MEC camps and excursions processes. Once selected a student’s parent/guardian will be requested to give permission for their child to attend all practice sessions and events as listed on the approval form.

The team manager or principal’s nominee is authorised to monitor and manage visitors to the pit and tent areas.  He/she has the authority to request an individual to remove them self or refuse entry to any person or persons whose presence in the area is not required or considered a safety risk as detailed in the Risk Assessment.

This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s 3-year review cycle.


Policy last reviewed 27th October 2021
Consultation Energy Breakthrough Coordinator
Approved by Anita Ford School Council President
Next scheduled review date This policy was last updated on 27th October 2021 and is scheduled for review as part of the school’s 3-year review cycle.